Among the Meadows

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by Rosie Jones (Wales)

July 2021

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Audio: "Among the Meadows," read by Rosie Jones


the cherry blossom clouds—amongst the bowing heads—of daisies and—the beat of bees
a gravestone with a name that—

i cannot quite read.

the moss climbs—upon its face and—the ants flock around its base and—
i settle down against the grass

singing songs of presentPast.


a deep azure tree—nestled atop the gentle fronds—of lilac grass and—summer wine
i lie
heather heavy breathe

and on the scent of

Rosie Jones is a 17-year-old student who once wrote “wanabe aurthor,” bad spelling and all, on the edges of a Jacqueline Wilson novel. Now she has settled on writing messy poetry and prose, not for destiny or dreams, but simply because thoughts spill out of her in written form.

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7/30/21, 7:24 PM



7/27/21, 6:01 PM

This is beautiful, I love your use of onomatopoeia

Afreen Shanavas

7/23/21, 12:22 PM

Brilliantly articulated!


7/21/21, 3:37 PM

wow awesome!


7/21/21, 1:23 PM

Pain and nostalgia conveyed beautifully!


7/21/21, 8:35 AM

This is an amazing poem! The mixed feelings we have when we leave our home or city we grew is beautifully portrayed

Paisley Blue

7/21/21, 12:22 AM

Absolutely stunning, the detail and diction is incredible.


6/20/21, 4:25 AM

The story was wonderfully amusing.