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Curiosity Killed the Dreamer

by Marley Shepherd (United States)

November 2021

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Audio: "Curiosity Killed the Dreamer," read by Marley Shepherd

when you’re sitting on the street,
just watching the people go by,
you see things that you don’t understand.

A very good example of this would be the man across the street,
struggling to carry three large buckets.
He keeps setting them down and picking them back up,
trying to arrange them in his hands so they won’t spill.

In events like this,
there is always the compulsion,
the curiosity,
to want to know what is going on with them.

And of course the only way to satisfy this curiosity is to get up,
and ask.
So that’s what you do.

“What's with the buckets?” you ask.
“They’re carrying something important.”
“Would you like any help?”
“You wouldn’t understand the job.”
“Well maybe I would understand if you show me what’s in the buckets.”

He sets the buckets down,
And cracks the lid off one with a gesture to look inside.

You see what’s swirling inside of the buckets,
The same colors you would see every morning,
When you opened your eyes after a wonderful dream.
You understand completely.

“Oh, yes. I do understand the job.”
“You don’t think I’m crazy?”
“Well, I am a little mad myself. Who am I to judge?”

Smile your sharpest smile,
and pick up a bucket.
You have a job to do now.

when you’re sitting on the street,
just watching the people,
you see things you don’t understand.

A very good example would be,
the two people who cross the street everyday,
each carrying large buckets of dreams.

Marley Shepherd, age 17, is a teenager from the Midwest who spends their time playing music, making art, and writing cliché poetry about home, love, and weird magic.

#Fantasy         #New Worlds

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Tom Lofft

9/24/22, 2:13 PM

Was this inspired by flights over Iceland?


9/24/22, 10:04 AM

Amazing. I love it.


9/23/22, 7:34 AM

This is just so good!!!! "The air has been poisoned' I love how you describe things! Congrats :))


9/23/22, 7:32 AM

Love the message! The way you prompt the readers to rethink over 'is anything free' is so effective and the ending is...gorgeous.


9/23/22, 7:30 AM

Gosh, Antara...this is really beautiful! I love your use of language, and the anecdotes were so effective!! Congrats so much :))

Nidhi Kamalapurkar

9/22/22, 9:30 PM

I love it! Especially the part where you say if humans can control the world, they can control themselves too!
Keep up the brilliant writing!


9/22/22, 5:22 PM

Poignant and so beautifully written!


9/22/22, 5:19 PM

I love the flow, this is gorgeously written! Great piece!


9/22/22, 5:17 PM

Life really is all about the little things and you wrote about them in a beautiful way!


9/22/22, 5:16 PM

This is a lovely piece, Keren-Happuch! It provokes such a magical and dreamy feeling.


9/19/22, 5:47 PM

Oh my god, the part about changing the mindset given the pre-existing beliefs drilled in by those around us... Even we often hesitate to have these conversations at times amongst friends as this topic is seldom more than a subject of twss jokes. You put it into words brilliantly!

Avisha M

9/17/22, 6:46 PM

this was thought-provoking! I particularly enjoyed how you connected existentialism to the topic. it provides a different perspective.