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Faded Memory

by Aaliyah Jaleel  (Canada)

July 2021

Write the World Review

Audio: "Faded Memory," read by Aaliyah Jaleel

I remember
That sun-kissed evening in 1914,
The sky met the horizon melting blue and green.
My heart was grey.
How rude of the sky to project beauty and brightness when
The lightness of my life was being dimmed by such a crisis,
When my brother and father cannot see any horizon,
When their sky only contains black bits of bombs in different sizes.

I remember
The war would be quick,
We were promised
Just a short while from August,
Four or five rough months of fighting
For the Central Force demolished.
They broke their promise
“Home before Christmas” was awfully ambitious,
Left families and friends with plans that turned to be fictitious.

I remember
Anticipation of the mail brought chewed up fingernails
That stuttered upon the envelopes and letters that entailed
Fingers crossed in hopes that loss would not be written between the lines,
That there’d be signs of quick return so they’d disperse from the front lines.

I remember
That my fear came true on the day that two postcards turned into one,
Because my brother, God rest his soul, was a soldier braver than anyone and
My father wrote to me that he would see to the end of this cruel war.
He swore that every shot he took was bringing him closer to me at home.
He never got here.

I remember
November eleventh of nineteen eighteen,
hearts beating as they were reading the armistice that would seam
Our torn apart country and our lonely hearted dreams.
We respect the noble win of our veterans
That pioneered with eyes of tears the Canada we now live in.
An embodiment of valour they led our country with pride,
With poppies on our chests, lest we forget how they died.

Aaliyah Jaleel, age 17, is a passionate writer from Pickering, Ontario, who loves writing, sharing, and performing poetry. Dedicated to leadership and community development, Aaliyah enjoys engaging with extracurricular commitments to create change on both a local and global scale. “Faded Memory” depicts the story of a young individual whose world was shaken by the impacts of the First World War, their perspective illustrating the pain of witnessing such an event. The story told is a vivid image of what many experienced in the aftermath of the calamity.

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Lauren hudd

2/3/23, 12:21 AM

Reading this story was realistic and relatble


2/2/23, 11:27 AM

"I collected little glimpses of the north to hoard away for the future, like treasure" is such a beautiful line!


2/2/23, 11:23 AM

What a fascinating piece!

2/2/23, 5:21 AM

One of my favorite pieces ever published on Write the World!


2/2/23, 4:41 AM

Well done Everett on this powerful piece. I hope you continue to write!


2/2/23, 4:40 AM

Well done Genevieve - what a beautiful and evocative piece of writing!

1/17/23, 2:15 AM

This is so beautiful


1/16/23, 3:52 PM

I love all of it. It’s so real and so many feelings are there.


1/5/23, 6:02 PM

This is amazing. Do not ever stop. That is really inspirational, the whole writing piece made me want to help.


1/3/23, 7:19 PM

This article was absolutely amazing! I am so thankful to live in a country where periods and sex are fairly normalized, but I will never forget to educate myself about the lack of education others have. It pains me to know that in countries like India, girls are still put down about what they where and how they act. It was very brave of you to share your voice, and I commend you endlessly for that.


12/8/22, 7:25 PM

I really love this! I, myself, am not black, but I know of a lot of good black people. Sadly, I will admit, at one time, I used to think of a black community filled with gangs and poverty. But I know now how perfectly capable it is to live together if only we got rid of the stereotype that is so, so wrong. I do hope you accomplish this. This will great for our country.

Sorry but can't share the name

12/7/22, 10:40 AM

Basically I don't know how to react.
All the conservatives should be reading this.........

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