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I say, for you

by Evelyn Van Cauwelaert (Belgium)

February 2023

Write the World Review

Audio: "I say, for you," read by Anna O'Connor

Warmed up? warmed up? there is a train waiting for you,
when you wish the sun never sowed a day for you.

if you’re cold my lips will listen to your hands until
they’ve peeled off winter and it’s forever May for you.

I’ll tap in morse code on your temple and you’ll know
why night chips at your shoulder, why I play for you.

but no, I can’t saw wisdom out of a star if
you blink my words empty when I pray for you.

so when I scry your name, wait until the dark’s bloomed
first. you’ll grow into tomorrow in the right way for you.

Evelyn Van Cauwelaert, age 18, comes from Belgium. She is fascinated by languages and is pursuing an English-Spanish literature degree at university. In her spare time she can be found writing her novel or sketching on her lecture notes. For this ghazal she wanted to conjure hope out of the cold.

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Lauren hudd

2/3/23, 12:21 AM

Reading this story was realistic and relatble


2/2/23, 11:27 AM

"I collected little glimpses of the north to hoard away for the future, like treasure" is such a beautiful line!


2/2/23, 11:23 AM

What a fascinating piece!

2/2/23, 5:21 AM

One of my favorite pieces ever published on Write the World!


2/2/23, 4:41 AM

Well done Everett on this powerful piece. I hope you continue to write!


2/2/23, 4:40 AM

Well done Genevieve - what a beautiful and evocative piece of writing!

1/17/23, 2:15 AM

This is so beautiful


1/16/23, 3:52 PM

I love all of it. It’s so real and so many feelings are there.


1/5/23, 6:02 PM

This is amazing. Do not ever stop. That is really inspirational, the whole writing piece made me want to help.


1/3/23, 7:19 PM

This article was absolutely amazing! I am so thankful to live in a country where periods and sex are fairly normalized, but I will never forget to educate myself about the lack of education others have. It pains me to know that in countries like India, girls are still put down about what they where and how they act. It was very brave of you to share your voice, and I commend you endlessly for that.


12/8/22, 7:25 PM

I really love this! I, myself, am not black, but I know of a lot of good black people. Sadly, I will admit, at one time, I used to think of a black community filled with gangs and poverty. But I know now how perfectly capable it is to live together if only we got rid of the stereotype that is so, so wrong. I do hope you accomplish this. This will great for our country.

Sorry but can't share the name

12/7/22, 10:40 AM

Basically I don't know how to react.
All the conservatives should be reading this.........

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