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Magic in the Cold

by Dorey Coote (Canada)

February 2023

Write the World Review

Audio: "Magic in the Cold," read by Zawadi Bunzigiye

It is not pleasant to be torn between two worlds you love.

I know what it feels like.

As I wandered the tundra a wistful feeling sparked inside, burning a hole in my heart. This wouldn't last forever.

So why was it creeping into me?

The mountains were quietly demanding I see what was past them. I knew what was past them. More mountains I had never seen. And I wanted them. It seemed unfair that they were waiting for me so long.

At nighttime, when the northern lights twisted, they grasped my imagination and moulded it into something bigger and wilder than it was before. There was something special about them.

My eyes flicked to the sea. It was emboldened with a touch of sun glinting over the waves.

If only it hadn't captivated me.

Nunavut would be hard to leave behind.

But Nova Scotia was waiting for us to come back someday.

One night when the northern lights softly lashed out into the dark sky, a decision clicked into place inside of me.

Standing in my bedroom, I shivered gloriously.

There were few people who got to experience this. I had to make the most of this life.

So every chance I got, I stepped into the waves and overflowed my boots in the Arctic Ocean.

I made friends with the sky and searched for polar bears on the horizon. I went on so many adventures, some simply by studying the view from my bedroom.

I collected little glimpses of the north to hoard away for the future, like treasure.

The night before we left, I put on my big, bulky winter coat and stepped quietly onto the back deck with binoculars in hand. I lifted them to my eyes and scanned the frigid water. Between the chunks of ice was swimming a polar bear.

I smiled. The bear had been silently paddling around every night for a week now. It was a completely normal sight, and nobody was amazed over it anymore.

But I still found a bit of magic and comfort in being alone with it, out in the cold. The sky above was so black it lent the colour to everything around it, and the mountains peacefully towered around me and the bear. A faint outline of the peaks stood out, and stars peered down upon me.

Dorey Coote, age 15, is a writer who loves to paint pictures with words. She lived in Nunavut for a time, and her memories constantly beg her to write about the mountains, frozen ocean and beautiful things unique to the north.

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Lauren hudd

2/3/23, 12:21 AM

Reading this story was realistic and relatble


2/2/23, 11:27 AM

"I collected little glimpses of the north to hoard away for the future, like treasure" is such a beautiful line!


2/2/23, 11:23 AM

What a fascinating piece!

2/2/23, 5:21 AM

One of my favorite pieces ever published on Write the World!


2/2/23, 4:41 AM

Well done Everett on this powerful piece. I hope you continue to write!


2/2/23, 4:40 AM

Well done Genevieve - what a beautiful and evocative piece of writing!

1/17/23, 2:15 AM

This is so beautiful


1/16/23, 3:52 PM

I love all of it. It’s so real and so many feelings are there.


1/5/23, 6:02 PM

This is amazing. Do not ever stop. That is really inspirational, the whole writing piece made me want to help.


1/3/23, 7:19 PM

This article was absolutely amazing! I am so thankful to live in a country where periods and sex are fairly normalized, but I will never forget to educate myself about the lack of education others have. It pains me to know that in countries like India, girls are still put down about what they where and how they act. It was very brave of you to share your voice, and I commend you endlessly for that.


12/8/22, 7:25 PM

I really love this! I, myself, am not black, but I know of a lot of good black people. Sadly, I will admit, at one time, I used to think of a black community filled with gangs and poverty. But I know now how perfectly capable it is to live together if only we got rid of the stereotype that is so, so wrong. I do hope you accomplish this. This will great for our country.

Sorry but can't share the name

12/7/22, 10:40 AM

Basically I don't know how to react.
All the conservatives should be reading this.........

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