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Plague and Prejudice

by Bibek Limbu (India)

August 2022

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Audio: "Plague and Prejudice," read by David Keohane

Our air has been poisoned;
polluted with particles we are advised not to breathe
(a virus, a plume of smoke, an empty can of tear gas).
Banners hang from broken windows like demands, like proclamations, like pleas for something better.
Hands that once felt too small to lift burdens
are now clenched into fists, clasped around protest signs
and intertwined with those of their neighbors.
Our cities are in ruins; saturated in gasoline and ignorance
(both equally destructive).
We live in a world where storms do not always come from the skies
but instead come in waves, in floods,
causing earthquakes with footsteps and thunder with tongues.
Escaping from solitude to paint slogans on bricks; shouting from sidewalks, chanting for change.

Blink the flames from your irises and carry on; because voices are best heard in unison.

Bibek Limbu, 18, is a poet who finds inspiration in nature, family, friends, and everyday life. He draws on personal experience and writes his heart out.

#Climate Change          #Environment          #Nature

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12/3/22, 12:37 AM

Gretel Alberta

11/19/22, 9:15 AM

This is a masterpiece.... Well done


10/12/22, 2:00 AM

An amazing piece on climate change. Congratulations!


10/12/22, 1:58 AM

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I love this! Could read this over and over again.


10/12/22, 1:56 AM

Such a beautiful piece Lyat. Congratulations!


10/12/22, 1:54 AM

From your piece, you're an inspiration and a driven person who wants to make the world better. I hope you get to achieve all these and I hope you receive all the support.


10/12/22, 1:48 AM

Brilliant and educative in all aspects!


10/12/22, 1:43 AM

Everything about this piece has perfectly collided with the perfect words. Teen years are special and form a concrete part of a person's life. Glad I read this now. It's a beautiful piece.


9/29/22, 4:40 PM

Lovely piece!

Tom Lofft

9/24/22, 2:13 PM

Was this inspired by flights over Iceland?


9/24/22, 10:04 AM

Amazing. I love it.


9/23/22, 7:34 AM

This is just so good!!!! "The air has been poisoned' I love how you describe things! Congrats :))