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That's What the Tui Said

by Olivia Goldsmith (New Zealand)

July 2021

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Audio: "That's What the Tui Said," read by Olivia Goldsmith

"Quark querk arck erk"
That’s what the tui* said.
Early in the morning
As the world gets out of bed.

"Whree fwrou fwoomph whoomph"
That’s what the tui said.
Shadows scattered on the ground
The sun now overhead.

"Wehoo tehoo rerere woo"
That’s what the tui said.
Dinner time, the mother called
Come and get your bread.

"Quark querk arck erk"
That’s what the tui said.
Quiet now, it’s getting dark
The world has gone to bed.

*A bird native to New Zealand

Olivia Goldsmith, age 17, lives in New Zealand, and absolutely loves swimming in the sea (when it’s warm enough), climbing trees, and listening to birds. This poem features a tui, a bird with a very wacky character.

#Nature          #Environment

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6/26/22, 1:46 PM

Wow you are so talented! I relate this a lot to my paternal grandfather who passed away two years ago and is very similar to yours. Sometimes family can judge you but I agree you should learn to live in the present and be happy with out having a fancy job/being married. Keep up the great work!

Ediomo Bright

6/22/22, 8:15 PM

You've done a wonderful job here.
Your intricate descriptions of the race and the emotions conferred by it is excellent.
Thank you!

6/22/22, 8:13 PM

Ediomo Bright

6/22/22, 8:09 PM

You've done a beautiful work here.
The flow of the story, the gripping emotions it enthralls the reader with, it's very wonderful.
Thank you for this.


6/18/22, 6:08 AM

This write-up is absolutely amazing. It made me realize why I am who I am, and I could also relate a lot. Hope you never stop writing, and I hope to read a full-length book from you soon!<3


6/17/22, 2:50 AM

It was so good to read..i really liked the description the storyline ,the plot ,everything 👍


6/7/22, 3:25 PM

This piece is a beautiful reminder of how ugly teenage years can be. It's real and it hurts but it's so good. Please never stop writing!


6/7/22, 3:15 PM

Your description of the change and how sometimes our parents don't have words to tell us that they love us and use material things as a substitute is relatable. My family has never really been open about their feelings but we show our love through little things and that's why it hit so close to home. I love this piece! Keep up your amazing work!


5/30/22, 9:05 PM

This was beautifully written.


5/25/22, 11:06 AM

Where to read the further story??

Allana Frost

5/25/22, 2:45 AM

This is incredible and heartbreaking and real. I’m glad I stopped to read :)


5/24/22, 12:26 PM

I love the way you wrote the story. The fine description of the burn in thighs made it relatable 😳. Pls keep up your amazing work!! :)