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Three Ways of Saying The Sun is Setting

by Jayda Brain (Australia)

April 2022

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Audio: "Three Ways of Saying the Sun is Setting," read by Jayda Brain

A tall man with a short temper builds himself a sanctuary
out of sweet gums and summer dirt.

He calls it “Golden Hour.”

In June, the cotton fields settle into the hour like a Nun into prayer.
And both the birdcalls and the snail trails drag across the pink sky.

Pollen stuck to his thighs, the man feels
something unnamable growing in his chest;

something that sounds like poetry.

An old woman in a new coat doesn’t know
Why mosquitoes and moonflowers

are so afraid of the sun.

Curiosity and covet are twin brothers, so every night in June,
she fills the lining of her stomach with the rotations of dim stars.

And the feeling is more than that of having a beloved, or a
home with a white-picket fence. It’s a religious kind of fruition,

for which dusk is the altar.

The sun is setting, a fat blob on a thinning horizon.
It’s taking squirrels and dragonflies with it, too.

Don’t let it take you.

Jayda Brain, 15, is a high school student living near Sydney, Australia. When she's not dealing with jokes about her surname, Jayda likes to read and care for her plants, but doesn't do either of these enough. She was an honorable mention in the “The New York Times” Personal Narrative Contest.

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Tom Lofft

9/24/22, 2:13 PM

Was this inspired by flights over Iceland?


9/24/22, 10:04 AM

Amazing. I love it.


9/23/22, 7:34 AM

This is just so good!!!! "The air has been poisoned' I love how you describe things! Congrats :))


9/23/22, 7:32 AM

Love the message! The way you prompt the readers to rethink over 'is anything free' is so effective and the ending is...gorgeous.


9/23/22, 7:30 AM

Gosh, Antara...this is really beautiful! I love your use of language, and the anecdotes were so effective!! Congrats so much :))

Nidhi Kamalapurkar

9/22/22, 9:30 PM

I love it! Especially the part where you say if humans can control the world, they can control themselves too!
Keep up the brilliant writing!


9/22/22, 5:22 PM

Poignant and so beautifully written!


9/22/22, 5:19 PM

I love the flow, this is gorgeously written! Great piece!


9/22/22, 5:17 PM

Life really is all about the little things and you wrote about them in a beautiful way!


9/22/22, 5:16 PM

This is a lovely piece, Keren-Happuch! It provokes such a magical and dreamy feeling.


9/19/22, 5:47 PM

Oh my god, the part about changing the mindset given the pre-existing beliefs drilled in by those around us... Even we often hesitate to have these conversations at times amongst friends as this topic is seldom more than a subject of twss jokes. You put it into words brilliantly!

Avisha M

9/17/22, 6:46 PM

this was thought-provoking! I particularly enjoyed how you connected existentialism to the topic. it provides a different perspective.