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Trembling Survival

by Josie Johnson (United States)

July 2022

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Audio: "Trembling Survival," read by Josie Johnson

Propped up on my elbows, on the stiff gym floor.
Planks: a climax in the battle to stay healthy.
I feel my arms shake, my chest vibrate.

In a chilly classroom, talking to some girl.
Socializing: the stress-ridden struggle to fit in while standing out,
I feel my heart shake, my fingers vibrate.

Burning trees, tumbling rocks, heaving earth, melting ice.
Survival: a poor reward for achieving life.
I watch the creatures shake, Earth's core vibrate,

And for once I am in sync,
for I have found a secret to nature's spirit,
and we are no longer quite so separate.

Josie Johnson, 15, is a high-schooler living in Rhode Island in the United States. She enjoys reading, rain, and music, particularly Gregory Alan Isakov.

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8/9/22, 5:01 PM

It was very wholesome🥰🥰

Zainab Aliahmed

8/8/22, 5:11 PM

Amazing 😀


7/28/22, 4:37 PM

Really wonderful piece here.

7/11/22, 1:28 PM


7/8/22, 8:00 AM

Wow. These words hit hard for me, as I has the same experience recently. I really love how you described the feelings and the ending was really amazing. This helped me a lot. Just wow.
I hope you keep on writing.


6/26/22, 1:46 PM

Wow you are so talented! I relate this a lot to my paternal grandfather who passed away two years ago and is very similar to yours. Sometimes family can judge you but I agree you should learn to live in the present and be happy with out having a fancy job/being married. Keep up the great work!

Ediomo Bright

6/22/22, 8:15 PM

You've done a wonderful job here.
Your intricate descriptions of the race and the emotions conferred by it is excellent.
Thank you!

6/22/22, 8:13 PM

Ediomo Bright

6/22/22, 8:09 PM

You've done a beautiful work here.
The flow of the story, the gripping emotions it enthralls the reader with, it's very wonderful.
Thank you for this.


6/18/22, 6:08 AM

This write-up is absolutely amazing. It made me realize why I am who I am, and I could also relate a lot. Hope you never stop writing, and I hope to read a full-length book from you soon!<3


6/17/22, 2:50 AM

It was so good to read..i really liked the description the storyline ,the plot ,everything 👍


6/7/22, 3:25 PM

This piece is a beautiful reminder of how ugly teenage years can be. It's real and it hurts but it's so good. Please never stop writing!