by ENLING LIAO (Australia)

Issue 1.2   September 2019

Late afternoon. 

I never knew a whisper, soft and sweet, could sing 

In tranquil lapse. The starshine shimmery and waltzing into 

Breath. When languid, gold-lined eyes  


Into the sea. 


That blue October evening when the spring melts into 

Summery wind and 

Scarves are not yet abandoned to the breeze 


By the bridge a piano hums. 

Water on wood, 

Velvet on air -  


His fingers dream their song into the lap-lapping of a slur; with a  


Lull of the wind and the waves 

A phrase has 



Grey coat swings, shadows play 

Afternoon melds sound into Space. 


. . . 




A passing for each single foggy 



And fading; still light dying, 

Marigold filtered into a final musky black 

Between the planks, the wood is dreaming and the 




In Berlin, beside a timber deck where water ebbs and drifts in- 

-terminably into the dusk 

There hangs a warm thrum-thrum in the air . . . 

That Brandeis-blue gold evening pedals out a late October lilt 

And the sun falls, and the bridge beside the wood murmurs; 


Andante, spianato.

Enling Liao, 16, a year 11 student from Australia, started writing early in childhood and since then has forever returned to it as a source of comfort, expression, and a fabulous pastime. She particularly loves the lyrical side of writing and seeing how music and words can overlap in art.


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